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Wattage’s available:
(40w, 80w AC/DC)
Voltages available:
(AC: 120/220/277V. DC: 12/24V.)
Color Temperatures available:
(2700K, 3500K, 4200K, 5000K)




Model: CE-EL-54
Category: Exterior Light
Dimension: 452x330x250mm
Protection Class: IP55
Weight: 6KG (Reference Only)
Package Dimension: 515x395x285mm
Material: High pressure die casting aluminum and diamond shaped glass reflector

Applicable Places: Building floodlight, building landscape, and aisle environments.

Long lifetime: Average lifetime 100,000 hours, maintenance free, suitable for long term usage
High lighting efficiency: 65~90 lm/w
High color rendering index: ≥80
Quick start: Instant start and re-strike
High power factor: >0.95
High-frequency operating: No flicker and comfortable illumination for eyesight protection
Low Lamp Lumen Depreciation: Luminance maintenance rate > 70% at 60,000 hours
Constant wattage output: The output lamp power varies less than 3%  with the input voltage fluctuation up to ±10%
Strong adaptability: Operating ambient temperature -20℃~+50℃ with enclosed fixture, lamp for -40℃ available
Low harmonic distortion: THD≤10%, meet international standard level L
Dimming function: Optional intelligent dimming controller

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