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“Industrial efficiency is important.  Everything the U.S. can do to increase industrial energy efficiency or divert consumption and production from petroleum-based feedstock’s helps enhance energy security.” – Samuel Bodman, Secretary of Energy

  • A large plant uses as much energy as 20,000 typical homes; a medium sized plant consumes the same energy as 455 homes.
  • For every one plant in the United States, there are 320 homes and 685 motor vehicles.
  • Industry accounts for one-third of global energy use and almost 40% of worldwide Co2 emissions. Achieving substantial emissions reduction in the future will require urgent action from industry.
  • U.S. industry embraces technology innovations that offer proven benefits.

Substantial opportunities for saving energy and reducing carbon exist throughout the U.S. industry. To address industry’s underinvestment in energy efficiency, concerted action is needed to accelerate the uptake of proven, leading-edge technologies and practices.

There are many ways to lower your facilities energy usage, determining the correct replacement of old inefficient systems can be overwhelming when dealing with day to day operations. Our trained staff can provide simple solutions which will promote savings, reduce Co2 emissions, and implement a better working environment for your employees.


  • Reduce energy usage
  • Provide better light output
  • Reduce maintenance costs

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