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Parking structures are typically illuminated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or 8,760 hours per year, which makes the electrical utility cost the first or second largest expense for parking structure operation.  The typical parking facility lighting system consists of a 150Watt metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures with a total input wattage of approximately 190Watts per fixture including the ballast power consumption.

Roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers, strip malls and business offices occur in the parking lot. Lawyers make a good living off liability cases based on a lack of sufficient security measures or not taking “reasonable care” in the protection of employees and customers against criminal threats. The lawsuits often revolve around lack of sufficient lighting, surveillance and response.

Conservative Energy (CE) sources a vast variety of energy efficient lighting products to help alleviate high energy costs that parking garages can occur. In many cases we can reduce your facilities parking garage lighting energy consumption up to 60% while increasing light output.


  • May receive tax deductions
  • Good for video surveillance
  • Reduce energy use up to 60%

Save with tax deductions

Your facility may benefit from lighting tax deductions.

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