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Good visibility under day or night conditions is one of the fundamental requirements enabling motorists to move on roadways in a safe and coordinated manner. 

Properly designed and maintained street lighting will produce comfortable and accurate visibility at night, which will facilitate and encourage both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Today, street lighting commonly uses high-intensity discharge lamps, often (HPS) high pressure sodium lamps. Such lamps provide the greatest amount of photopic illumination for the least consumption of electricity. However when scotopic/photopic light calculations are used, it can be seen how inappropriate HPS lamps are for night lighting. Induction light sources have been shown to double driver peripheral vision and increase driver brake reaction time at least 25%.

New street lighting technologies, such as Induction lamps, emit a white light that provides high levels of scotopic lumens allowing street lights with lower wattage's and lower photopic lumens to replace existing street lights.


  • Increased visibility
  • Increased pedestrian safety
  • Reduced maintenance

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