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When we look at a warehouse there are many areas where businesses can reduce consumption, whether this is consumption of energy or resources.  In turn both of these concepts can help reduce spending. 

As energy costs continue to rise, any reduction in consumption will help the environment and a company’s bottom line.

In the warehouse, businesses are reducing energy costs in a number of simple ways such as using motion sensors to only illuminate areas in use and charging forklift trucks in off-peak hours when energy costs are lower. Some companies are looking at introducing solar panels on the warehouse roof and intelligent electrical systems to take advantage of off-peak power. Good lighting is essential in a warehouse to promote worker visibility, safety and performance. An efficiently illuminated facility will also reduce operating costs, which will impact the bottom line. In applications where employees are doing light assembly work or boxing products, color identification may be essential. Color rendering index (CRI) is to 100, the more natural product colors will appear. The CRI of metal halide lamps is 65, with HPS lamps at 20. The CRI for florescent lamps is 80, while induction is 85+.

Induction systems offer the advantage of “instant on.” All high intensity discharge (HID) have a warm up time. During a power surge or, outage for example, a standard metal halide luminary will require 10 – 15 minutes to cool down, plus an additional five to seven minutes to heat up. Induction on the other hand, will re-light immediately. Induction systems operate up to 700Deg. cooler than HID luminaries.

The higher the wattage lamps, the more heat a HID system will produce, which could lead to higher HVAC costs. If a facility’s air conditioning costs are unusually high and the lighting system uses high wattage lamps, the system may be retrofitted with induction luminaries to reduce the operating costs.


  • Reduced HVAC load
  • Induction lamps are instant re-strike
  • Qualifies for Tax Deductions

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